For over a decade we have been entertaining audiences throughout Norfolk with our irresistible mix of rock, pop, country and folk covers. All delivered with terrific musicianship, lush vocal harmonies and warm engaging performances. From Bob Dylan to George Ezra, Lulu to Lady GaGa there's always something for everyone at a Hard Rain show. We work hard to make our audiences feel part of the experience and always wanting to come back for more. We play social clubs, pubs, bars, festivals, parties, weddings and every sort of celebration you can think of in-between. We enjoy every minute of what we do and we know that you will too.


Check out our set list for a sample of our song selection. We are always updating our repertoire with songs both old and new that capture our imagination.

Give us a call or send us an enquiry and we will do our best to help with each individual request.

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