Friday 15th September

A year never passes when we don't visit Clippesby for it's annual beer festival, BUT DON'T FORGET you have to camp, caravan or stay in one of their lovely lodges to gain admission. To book visit: http://www.clippesbyhall.com/

Saturday 7th October

Back to Horning's New Inn! Indoors or outdoors depending on the weather so let's hope for an Indian Summer. Start 8.00pm  http://www.newinn-horning.co.uk/

Sunday 15th October

Another new venue - this time its the Red Lion at Coltishall from 4.00 pm until 7.00 pm. Don't miss it


Saturday 28th October

Back again at Horning's New Inn! Must be indoors this time but still bound to be a whole load of fun! Start 8.00pm  http://www.newinn-horning.co.uk/

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